Create Bootstrap Bootswatch sub-theme for Drupal 7

Bootswatch theme

With these commands you can quickly create a Bootstrap sub-theme with a Bootswatch.

You should be able to copy and paste them into your terminal, and create a fresh Bootswatch-based theme:

cd /var/www/public/example_DEV/sites/all/themes/;
drush dl bootstrap;

# create sub theme from bootstrap
cp bootstrap/starterkits/less/ my_new_theme -R;
cd my_new_theme/;

# rename less.starterkit to, and update THEMETITLE in the file to the name of your theme
mv less.starterkit

# download the latest release of Bootstrap, see
unzip && rm && mv bootstrap-3.4.0/ bootstrap;

# get Bootswatch files, in this case Paper
cd less/;

# change font path in variables.less @icon-font-path variable from ../fonts/ to ../bootstrap/fonts/
sed -i 's|../fonts/|../bootstrap/fonts/|g' variables.less;
# add the two bootswatch files to style.less
echo -e "// Bootswatch overrides.\n@import 'variables.less';\n@import 'bootswatch.less';" >> style.less;

# create css file with less, you might have to install it first, with sudo npm install -g less
lessc style.less ../css/style.css;

# upgrade jQuery from 1.4.4 to fx 1.10 with jquery_update module, to fix error "TypeError: $(...).on is not a function"
drush dl jquery_update && drush en -y jquery_update

To add custom style ccs file, create the file custom-style.css in the css folder and add this line to your file

stylesheets[all][] = css/custom-style.css

To serve fonts locally, use the google-webfonts-helper service to download them.