How to unlock Cisco SPA122 ATA if 7932# returns "invalid option"

Cisco SPA122 ATA

If you can't enable browser access to a Cisco SPA122 ATA but get the reply "invalid option" after entering **** and then 7932#, even after factory reset, here is a workaround which works by temporarily swapping the network cables.

Many thanks to Stephan_Rackco for kindly sharing the solution.

Unlock Cisco SPA122 ATA for browser access

  1. Connect WAN to Internet port
  2. Connect any PC/Laptop to the Ethernet Port ( make sure your device is set to get a DHCP address )
  3. The Cisco ATA 122 will assign your device an IP ( typically )
  4. Open a browser on your PC/Laptop and go to and login with default user/pass which is admin/admin
  5. In configuration menu change default admin pass to a new password, while you are here enable WAN admin access.