Normalize MP3 files with Audacity

There are many ways to make quiet MP3 files louder ("Normalize"), but the easiest is by far using Audacity, since you can process multiple files at once (also known as batch processing) with the Macro tool:

LibreOffice print both sides

To save paper, consider printing on both sides of the paper. Some printers are able to do that out of the box, but if your printer can only print on one side, this is how to print on both sides of the paper with LibreOffice Write, saving 50% paper in the process.

QGIS logo

QGIS is an open source program which allows you to: "edit, visualise, analyse and publish geospatial information on Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD and mobile devices. For your desktop, server, in your web browser and as developer libraries."

node.js logo

Normally, it is recommended to install the latest even-numbered LTS of Node.js, which from 2020-10-27 is 14.14.0 and includes npm 6.14.8.

Default font in LibreOffice Writer, Liberation Sans

If for some reason the default font looks like Times New Roman, even thought the default fron is set to Liberation Sans, you might have to re-set the default font:

Ubuntu 18.04 partitions Gparted

Setting up a Linux installation can be done in many different ways, but preserving your settings and bookmarks is nice, so you don't have to redo them after a re-installation. This set-up uses another partition (in the example, called "documents") to store your photos, documents, settings for installed programs and your mail program, and connecting to them via symlinks.


Sometimes, the font size on a web site is too small, for example at where the font-size is 11.2 pixel. You can override the text size locally, via the userContent.css file.

Also, highlighting links can be useful, to allow tabbing between them.


If you need to resize a lot of images, doing it manually in Gimp is an option, but can take a long time.

In stead, you could do it from the command line, with the mogrify tool, which is included in imagemagick.

Install it like this:

Thunderbird spellchecker English

Ubuntu 18.04 comes with a lot of variations of English, which can clutter the spellchecker in Thunderbird and Firefox.

A quick way of removing some of the variations of English, the safest method is uninstalling the unneeded language packages.

In my case, I had these in my /usr/share/hunspell folder:

Electrum logo

Electrum is a light weight Bitcoin wallet. There are many advantages of using a Desktop wallet, as opposed to keeping your digital currency on an exchange, where you have less control. Another, and possibly safer solution, would be using a hardware wallet.