Create a copy of a PDF with searchable and copy-able text with OCRmyPDF. Specify language with for example -l dan. --sidecar outputs the text in a separate text file.

ocrmypdf inputpdf.pdf output.pdf --sidecar

Compress PDF with Ghostscript.

Change multiple images in Writer with PicTool

You can batch update all images in a Writer (LibreOffice) document with the awesome PicTool extension:

Thunderbird Custom CSS via userContent.css

You can tweak the Thunderbird CSS, just as you can in Firefox:

You need to activate Developer Tools with these steps:

1. Open Preferences > Config Editor, and change these values:

Free font Open Sans

First find a good font licensed under a free license, such as the Apache License or the SIL OpenFont License:

Add search engine in Firefox

If you want to add a new search engine in Firefox, and it offers an OpenSearch search engine ("Add or remove a search engine in Firefox") you don't need an add-on.

It's as easy as typing the URL in the address bar and clicking the green + sign.

Cisco SPA122 ATA

If you can't enable browser access to a Cisco SPA122 ATA but get the reply "invalid option" after entering **** and then 7932#, even after factory reset, here is a workaround which works by temporarily swapping the network cables.

The Remarkable Markdown editor works well, available for both Linux and Windows:

... or preview Markdown in browser with Grip:

To install:

sudo apt install grip
Low Disk Space warning in Ubuntu

The Low Disk Space warning in Ubuntu is set at 95% and minimum 1 GB free space, which can sometimes be too late if space is running out.

If you would like to get a warning earlier, and more time to clear up space before everything crashes, open dconf and set these values:


Adding custom maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

Click "Play" (1) and select "Workshop Maps" (2) from the drop-down. Click the right hand side "Visit Workshop" link (3), find a map, select it, and click "Subscribe" (4) to download it.

Press Shift + Tab to return to the game, or click "Click here to return to the game" at the top. It should now be available under "Workshop Maps".

Tabs disabled in Mozilla Thunderbird

If you want to save a little space, consider disabling the tab area. By default it's only used to show the current folder.

To disable tabs, open Edit > Preferences: