Redirect with Apache from root to path, while preserving query string

If you have a lot of pages indexed in search engines and decide to change a path in your web site, you probably want to redirect from the old URL to the new URL.

Bootswatch theme

With these commands you can quickly create a Bootstrap sub-theme with a Bootswatch.

You should be able to copy and paste them into your terminal, and create a fresh Bootswatch-based theme:

text selected Debian 9

Just create the file ~/.vimrc with the content set "mouse=":

Insert in ~/.vimrc:

vi ~/.vimrc
set mouse=

Make it take effect

source ~/.vimrc

You can now select text with the mouse in Debian 9.

Play It Slowly

With Play It Slowly you can change the speed of the music without changing the pitch.

To install, download and extract the tar.gz file from


cd playitslowly-1.5.1/

You should now have Play It Slow installed on your machine, enjoy!


Create, drop and import a MySQL database using Drush for Drupal:

# Drop, create and import database, assumes database located one level up
drush sql-query "drop database DB_NAME_NEW;"
drush sql-query "create database DB_NAME_NEW;"
mysql -u root -proot DB_NAME_NEW < ../DB_NAME.sql


Sometimes it's nice to get an alert when your terminal has finished a task.

You need to have sox installed to play a sound with the "play" command:

sudo apt-get install sox

Add this to your ~/.bashrc file (remember to also source it) to play a sound and show the text "Ready" at the top of your screen:

default folder for new bookmarks to Bookmark Menu

I you are tired of new bookmarks in Firefox 58 going in the "Other Bookmarks" folder, you can change it with the Default Bookmark Folder add-on.

Ubuntu logo

If your Ubuntu installation locks up as the graphical boot screen attempts to initialize, and you can't get access to your system after starting it up, booting into a previous version can be a help.

This can happen after updating to the the latest update to Linux 4.4.0-108 kernel, which included a fix for the Meltdown vulnerability.

Fastmail logo

If you want solid and efficient mail hosting, consider

Here is a referral link, which gives you 10% percent discount the first year:

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Openclipart extension for Libreoffice in Ubuntu

If you try to install the Openclipart extension for Libreoffice in Ubuntu 16.04, you might get this error:

Failed to register package for$UNO_USER_PACKAGES_CACHE/uno_packages/lu8331jgzjaf.tmp_/openclipart.oxt/python

To fix it, install libreoffice-script-provider-python like this: