Export Boss BR-80 tracks as wave files to Ubuntu

Export tracks as wave files from Boss BR-80 on Ubuntu

The Boss BR-80 is a very handy little recording tool. To export MTR files to Ubuntu in Wave-format, you need to use a Windows program called BR WAV Converter v3.1 (PC), running it with Wine.

First, install Wine to be able to run the BR WAV Converter program, and also Alacarte to add a launcher to your Applications menu:

sudo apt-get install wine alacarte

Download BR WAV Converter v3.1 (PC) from the link above, and put it in your home directory, like this:

Create Launcher under Applications
Under Applications, click on "System Tools" > "Main Menu", select "Sound and Video" and click "New Item".
Name: BR-80 Wave converter
Command: wine /home/your_username/.BR-80_Wave_converter_C310/BRWC.exe

Export tracks from Boss BR-80
Now you should be able to connect Boss BR-80 to your computer via USB-cable, and start the program from Applications > Sound & Video:
Boss BR-80 Wav converter shortcut

Export Wav-files
1. Select Drive and 2. Song. 3. Click tracks to export, 4. select Export (possibly just click 5. ALL to export all tracks) and 6. Go
Export wave files from Boss BR-80 on Ubuntu 16.04

Then use a program like Audacity or Ardour to edit your tracks.