Fix boot hangs with /dev/sda1: clean ... files ... blocks in Ubuntu


If you have switched graphic card driver from Nvidia to Nouveau in Ubuntu, you might get this message after boot, where it just hangs:

/dev/sda1: clean, ***/**** files, *****/**** blocks

Click ESC during boot
Select Ubuntu with Linux ... (recovery mode)
Select Resume normal boot
You should be able to log in, switch back to Nvidia end reboot


Another solution here. I already had the same problem and I could not find any of the suggested solutions to be useful for my case. I used VMware workstation and faced the same problem when Ubuntu starts booting. The main reason for the crash in my case was not due to the graphic card driver or things like this. There was not enough free space left in the installed Ubuntu. Therefore, I followed the following steps to solve the problem.

1) change the .vmx configuration file by adding the following line to it:
bios.bootDelay = "50000"
*This leads to longer boot delay, therefore, you can use Shift+Enter to enter the Grub Menu.
*If you have a problem in opening the .vmx file in windows, first change the extension of the file to .txt then add the aforementioned line to it and save the file and then change the extension back to .vmx
2) Run VMware and run Ubuntu
3) After clicking on the screen, press and hold the Shift key down and then press Enter to enter the grub menu.
4) choose Advanced Options for Ubuntu.
5) choose root and then press Enter.
6) now you have the root access to delete any file to make free space in the Ubuntu.

Note that some users suggested using Alt+Shift+F2 or F3 to have access to the terminal. This did not work for me since I did not have a password for the root user. However, using the following steps helped me to resolve the problem.

Good Luck, Hamed

Thanks Hamed your soluction works

Thank you Hamed. You saved my time

Tried recovery mode and booted again.