How to mine MaxCoin with Ubuntu 12.04, or higher

MaxCoin mining

MaxCoin was launched as the latest alt coin, in the beginning of February 2014. The name of the cryptocurrency comes from Max Keiser, from the Keiser Report on RT - an economical journalist, who dissects the modern, neo-liberal capitalism which is ruling the planet these days.

Mining MaxCoin might seem very difficult, but it is in fact quite easy, if you know how to do it. Following this tutorial you could be mining your very own MaxCoin in minutes, so what's holding you back? This tutorial works on a personal computer or laptop, but might also work on a cloud server, let me know if there are any problems. Happy MaxCoin mining!

How to pool mine MaxCoin with Ubuntu GNU/Linux

Pool mining is the solution for those who just want to experiment a bit with MaxCoin mining, before getting serious. When you join a pool, the mining is shared between hundred or even thousands of users and their computers. If any MaxCoins are found they will be shared between the users in that pool. To get started, just follow the instructions on this page: Official: MaxCoin Miners How-To (cpuminer, cgminer, and cudaminer). You might have to run the last "make install" command with sudo.

How to solo mine MaxCoin with Ubuntu GNU/Linux

This will probably not give any results, unless you have an insanely powerful computer. It might take hundreds of days before any MaxCoin are mined...

  1. Go to and download the file maxcoind to your home user folder
  2. Right-click on the file and select "Allow executing file as a program"
  3. Run the program with ./maxcoind --daemon
  4. Copy the two lines with username and password from the error message and insert into the config file /home/USERNAME/.maxcoin/maxcoin.conf
  5. Copy this configuration and insert into the same config file. Change the two lines "# RPC information" to match yours
  6. Close maxcoind from the 'System monitor' > 'Processes window'
  7. Start the mining program again with ./maxcoind --daemon

To see if you are mining, open another terminal and type ./maxcoind getmininginfo
It should say something like "hashespersec" : 3155244,

Other commands:
./maxcoind getinfo
./maxcoind getbalance
./maxcoind setgenerate true # (# = number of CPU's)
./maxcoind getaccountaddress ""
Full list of commands: