Install Electrum Bitcoin wallet on Ubuntu

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Electrum is a light weight Bitcoin wallet. There are many advantages of using a Desktop wallet, as opposed to keeping your digital currency on an exchange, where you have less control. Another, and possibly safer solution, would be using a hardware wallet.

One of the big advantages of Electrum is that you don't have to download the entire blockchain, so you can start using it right away.

You can install Electrum by following the "Installation from Python sources" directions on

It's probably best to verify that it matches the signature file, by following the directions under "How to verify GPG signatures". Supposedly, the WARNING part of the message can be ignored. The important thing is the "Good signature...." message. The "not certified with a trusted signature..." message just means that you haven't used your own private key to sign the Mint key as trusted."

Add Electrum to Applications and Dash overlay

This way you can find and start the program by pressing Windows key, and searching for it.

First, install Alacarte Menu Editor
$ sudo apt install alacarte

Start Alacarte by pressing Windows key, start typing alacarte, and select the program with a logo called "Main Menu", which should appear.

Find out where Electrum is installed, and insert in "Command"-field below:
$ whereis electrum

Click "New Item", add the path to Electrum and click "Ok":
Name: Electrum
Command: /home/YOUR_USERNAME/.local/bin/electrum

You can also add a logo, if you desire to do so. You should now be able to launch Electrum by pressing Windows key, and selecting Electrum.

Setting up Electrum

When you launch the program for the first time, you will get asked a few questions, the defaults should work fine. The most important thing is to write down the 12 words on a piece of paper, and store it in a safe location. You need these twelve words if you want to restore the wallet, and the Bitcoin in it.

This article has great information about configuration, and other important subjects A Beginner's Guide to the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet.

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