Pause Counter-Strike bot game

Paused Counter-Strike bot game

You can pause a local offline Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) bots game from the console.

Press "C" to open the console, and enter these commands:

  • Enable pause with sv_pausable 1
  • Pause or unpause the game with pause

To create a custom shortcut with "P" for pause or unpause, run this command from console:

bind "p" "sv_pausable 1; pause"

Now, pressing "P" will pause or unpause your offline bot game.

Reference: Offline: Pause? and How to Use CS:GO Buyscripts?.

Check FPS with cl_showfps 1 in console. To bind "F" to toggle between showing and hiding FPS, define this custom shortcut via the console:

BindToggle "f" cl_showfps

Bonus: Buy random weapons with buyrandom

Set maximum number of rounds

The default number of rounds is 30. Press "C" to open the console, and check:

] mp_maxrounds 
"mp_maxrounds" = "30" ( def. "0" ) min. 0.000000 client notify replicated - max number of rounds to play before server changes maps

You can update it to for example 6 with mp_maxrounds 6 but you cannot set this permanently via a config file. As an alternative bind a key such as "N", like this:

bind "n" "mp_maxrounds 6"