Delete embedded image in Thunderbird e-mail message

Thunderbird plain text

If you have an image file attached to a Thunderbird e-mail message, it's easy to delete at the bottom of the message, by right-clicking and selecting Detach. But if the image is embedded, you don't have that option.

In order to detach an embedded image in a Thunderbird e-mail message you need to display it as plain text:

View > Message Body As > Original HTML
The embedded images are not listed:

View > Message Body As > Plain Text
The embedded images can now be detached:


Great tip - nice and quick

Can´t believe it was this easy and obvious! I´ve looked for add-ons several times throughout the years and decided to give it another go - finally a solution to get rid of those huge images stuck in my emails! Thanks :)

You saved my disk space!
This is Thunderbird shortcomming...